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Best Wholesale Women’s Clothing Styles for the Summer


Whether you are near the beach or not, everyone is looking for the next fashion trend for the Summer. This season, women want to show off their summer body in new clothing from your boutique.
If you are their go-to boutique for summer fashion trends, you might need a few ideas to spark the creativity. Dear Lover has a few that you can check out and buy wholesale women’s clothing for your boutique.


Y2K Fashion For Women


Many styles cycle through each year from different decades. No truer is it than the Y2K fashion lines that have flooded Instagram and TikTok. Millennials will love pulling clothes out of their closet, but for those who can't, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

From baby tees to low-rise jeans, there are so many items to choose from. And you’ll need to find wholesale women’s clothing that fits those styles. Take a spin on these outfits and add a bit of modern flair to the outfits, so your customers feel new while also being nostalgic.

Although, let’s keep the butterfly clips in hair in the 2000s if we can help it.


Cottagecore Fashion


While this trend has grown over the last few years, it’s still growing at a rate that demands attention from you.

Suppose you're unfamiliar; cottagecore centers around the idea of being around nature. From earth tones like dark greens to floral prints, cottagecore is there to embrace it. Another way to think of the aesthetic is centering it around a romanticized version of agricultural life and living in tandem with nature.

Choose loose, flowy clothing with simplistic patterns or solid colors and accessories that look more handcrafted.


Bright Colors on the Beach

Let women glow this Summer with the bright colors of the beach and plants blossoming around them. Take on tropical vibes with pastel shades or main pieces around floral prints that make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Take some of these shirts and tie them in the front for some added flair that adds comfort and style to one. Accessorize them with a classic sandal to walk on the beach or the parks, and she's ready to enjoy the sun.




 With so many women working from home during the Summer, many are going from business casual to athleisure to relax. Capris, tanks, and other loose-fitting clothing will fill your boutique this season as women looking to find their next at home or abroad adventure.

Sports bras that match shorts will be immediately picked up as women hit the roads to go running while looking amazing.

There are so many more styles out there this Summer as women looking to find their individual voices. Find the fits that meet what your customers need this season, so they are ready to let their personalities shine.

With women’s fashion constantly changing, you need to know where to find the perfect wholesale boutique clothing. Thankfully Dear Lover is ready to help you get started. Shop our inventory for wholesale women’s clothing to find the next style for the Summer in your area.

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